Ember Innovations is the newest entity within the Ember Group, supporting entrepreneurial initiatives that boost the wellbeing of people in Aotearoa.

Our aspiration is to ensure that by 2030, every person in Aotearoa has the wellbeing support they need.

This requires an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, startups and private sector players that can complement our public services to dramatically expand the choice, affordability, accessibility and diversity of support available.

We have the largest network of wellbeing startups across Aotearoa, and the deepest understanding of their pain points on their journeys to validating and growing their high impact ventures. We’re steadfastly focused on opportunities to expand their impact across Aotearoa (and beyond!):

  • Supporting Startups: We’re supporting startups on their journey to success. We’re reimagining rapid and lean innovation approaches through an indigenous lens, specifically tailored to mental health to keep people safe at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Building a Pipeline of Entrepreneurs: We need more entrepreneurs from communities most over-represented in our mental health and addiction statistics. We’re testing approaches to create more pathways for these communities to design and develop the support they need, and lead the next generation of innovation.
  • Catalysing Capital: We are finding new ways to bring more, and better aligned, capital into the ecosystem to support entrepreneurs develop high impact, sustainable ventures.

Find our more at our blog here, and stay tuned for our website coming soon: www.emberinnovations.nz

Share your thoughts, support our kaupapa, join our team, or partner with us on this journey: kiaora@emberinnovations.nz