In response to changing (Covid related) business needs, and leveraging Ember Group’s expertise in mental health and wellbeing, Changeability is pivoting to focus on workplace wellbeing

In a world that is increasingly volatile and uncertain – senior leaders are experiencing relentless pressure to maintain good staff engagement, positive wellbeing and high performance

Many businesses are reporting an increase in issues associated with poor wellbeing and that these are negatively impacting productivity

Changeability enables a whole system/strategic approach to improving workplace wellbeing by simplifying the complex and by turning much needed insight into targeted action

We deliver a range of services that enable busy leaders to create mentally healthy workplaces where employees are able to turn up as themselves, be resilient and perform well

We provide:

  • Consultancy on mentally healthy workplaces
  • Wellbeing surveys and reports
  • Trauma reviews
  • Resilience training (face to face and digital)
  • Mental health & addiction awareness and advice
  • Consultancy on change and transition
  • Workshops on leading and navigating change

Changeability clients include Beca, Fletcher Building, Garmin, PwC & The Warehouse

And as a social enterprise we spend all our profits for social impact!

Changeability exists to make a difference in the workplace and the community

Here’s a quick preview – enjoy! 

Get in touch today to find out how Changeability can help your organisation.