We have two dedicated mobile teams of employment consultants serving the greater Auckland area.

Our employment services are committed to supporting people with mental health needs to find and maintain appropriate employment whilst developing a career.


EDGE Employment

EDGE is our mobile supported employment service, working with people on the North Shore or Rodney who are experiencing mental health issues, toward choosing, getting and keeping the job of their choice.

Working with both employers and employees EDGE consultants provide individualised and effective support and advice.

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Work Focus


Workfocus is an employment service committed to helping people who have experienced mental illness to find and maintain employment whilst developing a career.

We do this through a team of professional employment consultants. Our employment consultants work throughout Auckland with people in their local communities. We have extensive networks with employers, come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. We are here to take the time to understand your passions and interests whilst supporting your career aspirations.

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