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Our Services

If you’re looking for support for yourself or your whānau, we provide a number of different services for people experiencing mental distress, people with addiction issues and people with intellectual disabilities.

Ember Services blends professional expertise and lived experience to provide mental health, alcohol and other drug and intellectual disability support services throughout New Zealand’s north island.

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Our vision is an Aotearoa where all people are supported to be who and what they want to be. A society that better understands and responds to mental distress, addiction, and intellectual disability. We support people to live the life they choose and we challenge the barriers that hold them back.

Our services comprises support that span Community Support, Residential Support, Peer Support, Supported Employment and Consumer Network Support.

Ember Annual Report

Ember Korowai Takitini July 2020

Peer Support

Peer Led Services

Peer Support is an important part of recovery. We provide a number of services that connect people seeking help with teams who have their own personal experiences of mental health trauma and recovery.

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Employment Services

Vocational Services

We have two dedicated mobile teams of employment consultants serving the greater Auckland area.

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High and Complex Needs

We offer a number of residential support services, which provide personalised care and rehabilitation for those who need it.

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Community Services

We believe that the support that we provide needs to work for those who need it. To help respond to people’s needs we have a number of teams providing mobile support, community support, peer-support, individualised support, referral programmes and running workshops.

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Kāinga Haumaru

Kāinga Haumaru supports people in recovery by providing sustainable housing, secure tenancies and aroha that says “you have a place in this world”.

Our Kāinga Haumaru team support people to find and keep the home of their choice.

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