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Our Mindsets youth resilience programme was developed to address the rising levels of youth mental distress in Aotearoa. By providing early intervention we aim to avoid the number of young adults finding themselves in need of mental health support.

Mindsets provides senior high school students with tools to add to their kete of knowledge, to build confidence and resilience, enabling them to better manage stress now and in the future.

The content has been developed from evidenced based research into the drivers of resiliency, which include mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Positive Psychology.

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Paired Up

Paired Up

Paired Up was developed in 2017 through a co-design project between Ember (in collaboration with Odyssey and Kāhui Tū Kaha) and a team of passionate young people with their own experience of mental distress.

The resulting service design focused on creating a safe and effective environment for young people to support other young people.

This is primarily achieved through one to one support with trained peer support workers and ‘activations’ where young people can create and deliver events or activities that increase connection and open spaces for conversations about wellbeing.

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Please contact Nichol’e Jones