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Mentally Well, Physically Well (AS’s Story)

AS was experiencing multiple seizures, waiting to see a doctor, and seeking medical detox. This following a history of fifteen previous detoxes, a section order under the Drug and Alcohol Act in 2016 and pancreatitis resulting in life support for 25 days.

AS accessed Ember Peer Support services and is currently 345 days sober. AS has not had a seizure since she stopped drinking. She’s achieved family reconciliations and many steps towards greater independence.

AS has experienced her first sober Christmas and New Year and her first sober birthday is around the corner. At Ember, AS has completed PET, is a regular AOD group attendee and enjoyed the DRIVE recovery camp.

AS engages with Personal Focus and enjoys the physical benefits of its water aerobics group. Supported and motivated, AS feels positive about the future with realistic ambition to tertiary study as a pathway to regaining employment.